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About Us

At OVOKeys, we provide you with Reliable & Premium Software at the lowest prices. All our KEYS are 100% and we often sell them 30-70% Cheaper than normal price. If you have doubts you can check the key beforehand on the official Microsoft website before installation. As a Stripe Merchant, your money is protected if any problems arise and we offer Lifetime Refunds & warranty if any problems arise(very unlikely)



We pride ourselves for our insanely fast delivery times - just take a glimpse at our trust pilot reviews. All Orders are delivered Instantly to your email once payment is validated. We believe in 3 core fundamentals. A range of products, cheap prices and Fast Delivery. 


100% Digital Keys, Not OEM!

Retail keys vary from OEM keys. There are 3 major differences between a retail key and an OEM key.

Retail keys are installable on any PCs while an OEM key is installable only on a hardware setup specified by the Company. As the PC manufacturer bought these keys in bulk, they can choose the model range that can use the key. Another key difference is that retail keys does not attach itself permanently on the hardware while OEM keys permanently attach itself to the motherboard making an upgrade or a change in OS difficult if not impossible.

Lastly, If an OS was installed using a genuine retail key, It is never deactivated even after multiple reinstallations whereas an OS installed using an OEM key will deactivate all PCs using the same key once 2 or more installations were detected.


Instant Delivery on All Goods!


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All Goods are checked manually to ensure maximal efficacy